YouTube Partner Sponsorships

Power Up TV network loves our YouTube partners, so we’re working hard to put together a bunch of promotional rewards that we offer exclusively to those channels who join our network. All of these sponsorships can be accessed through our Dashboard when you become a Partner with us.

Our Current Rewards

#1 Power Up TV Director Sponsorship

Get a free green screen and light kit as part of a network sponsorship. Click here to get the details!


 #2 Get free games! Small gaming channel sponsorship.

Small channels in our network are eligible to receive free games. Check the details here!




Track your channel earnings through the Analytics section of your YouTube channel. 

High Revenue Share

Earn up to 80% revenue share.

Our contracts have no lock-in terms. For details click here


We'll promote your channels and videos throughout our social media presence.


Become part of an ever expanding group of gamers. Share tips, collaborate, attend events and play games together. Join our forums!

Gaming Sponsorships

Apply to get free games. Details here!

Creator Academy

Free Music & SFX Library

Coming soon! Access a huge music library!