Power Up TV is a YouTube multichannel network that launched in March 2014. We are focused on providing entertainment for gamers and geek life-stylers. Using our sophisticated internet television scheduling software, we are creating a true internet TV station.

Revenue Share Guidelines

As of March 2015, all new Partners will earn 80% of revenue share with Power Up TV collecting the remaining 20%.

We will soon introduce new optional tiers where Partners may elect to give the network more revenue % in order to receive additional VIP services. Details of this program will be announced at a future date.

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Partnership Features:

  • No lock-in contract! Feel free to leave if you so choose!
  • Instant monetization for ALL of your videos.
  • Free access to our Creator Academy showing the strategies to grow your audience from zero to 10,000 subscribers.
  • Free games via our small gaming channel sponsorship.
  • Chance to win a free greenscreen and lighting kit every month as per our Director Sponsorship.
  • YouTube Live-streaming feature for you channel in full 1080p HD.
  • Scheduled publishing feature so you can upload your video and have it go live to the public at a specified time.
  • Access to a custom dashboard to view revenue earnings and help optimize your channel!
  • 24/7 staff support via email or Skype. Shoot us an email any time in the week and you’ll have a response within 24 hours!
  • Our community is over 1,000 members strong!
  • Your videos featured on websites we operate, such as and . We can also promote on our social profiles and mailing lists.
  • Use your Recruit-a-friend affiliate URL to sign up channels as a recruiter and earn a 15% commission! Details here!

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Learn about our Partner Rewards Program. Click here.



Track your channel earnings through the Analytics section of your YouTube channel. 

High Revenue Share

Earn up to 80% revenue share.

Our contracts have no lock-in terms. For details click here


We'll promote your channels and videos throughout our social media presence.


Become part of an ever expanding group of gamers. Share tips, collaborate, attend events and play games together. Join our forums!

Gaming Sponsorships

Apply to get free games. Details here!

Creator Academy

Free Music & SFX Library

Coming soon! Access a huge music library! 

Regulations and Requirements for channels who wish to be part of Power Up TV YouTube Partner Network

All videos you upload to your channel must meet these requirements. We will reject Claims for any video that does not meet the following criteria:

To become eligible for joining our network we want to see the following things:

  •  No copyright or community guidelines strikes! If your channel has strikes, it won’t allow you to have Partner functions. You’ll need to make a new channel.
  •  A minimum of five videos uploaded to your channel that demonstrate the type of content you will be uploading to it. These videos should reflect your ability as a film-maker.
  •  All videos must be free of content which could be claimed by third-parties. Examples of content you should not upload are non-royalty free music produced by a third party.

Please watch the following video to learn about copyright laws and YouTube.