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Sponsorship for Small YouTube Gaming Channels

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This sponsorship is for any gaming channel currently partnered with the Power Up TV YouTube Network. It is a compliment to the Freedom! monthly contest for gaming gear.

If you are selected for this sponsorship you will receive ONE of the following items:

(1) $20 Steam Wallet card

(1) Final Fantasy XIV 60 day pre-paid game card ($29.99 value)

(1) $20 Gamestop Gift Card

In order to be considered to receive this sponsorship you will need to submit an application and meet some minimum eligibility requirements.

Sponsorship Requirements:

Step 1. Subscribe to the Power Up TV YouTube channel by clicking the button below.

Step 2. Become a Power Up TV YouTube Partner. 

Step 3. Click on the Content locker options below to follow one of our social media profiles, and then fill out the sponsorship application form.

In the application form you will be asked questions about how this sponsorship will help you and what you will do for the Power Up TV community in exchange for receiving this sponsorship.

If selected you will be notified via email.

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About Carey Martell

Carey Martell is the CEO of Power Up TV! , a YouTube multi-channel network (MCN) serving over ten million video views every month through YouTube properties, and has over 1,000 Partner channels.
  • Derpy Lion

    very amazing sponsorship!

  • Jake’s Awesome Gaming

    Great Idea! Keep up the good work guys

  • http://www.animecourtyard.com Mario

    is this sponsorship a one time only or every certain months you can get this reward?

    • http://careymartell.com/ Carey Martell

      It’ll be determined on a case by case basis. The application form asks questions about how you intend to use the sponsorship so this impacts the decision.

      • PXGEnigma

        So if im a parnter already, how long will it take me to receive the reward?

  • TheSwedish Miner

    will u get the (exaple) $20 steam every months

  • https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCYv1Mv4Tmai6biBkU_tNROg TheEpicTacoMan

    When would i get a gift card if i do this

  • GameSponse

    PowerUp TV you should use GameSponse to sponsor Gamers. It provides a service between the Sponsor and Gamer that makes sure they get paid. It’s a great tool to use!

    • KhaosLevelUp 25

      How can I check that or do that ?

      • GameSponse

        You can visit http://www.gamesponse.com , you can register for FREE either as a Gamer or Sponsor. Users who register as Gamers can build their profiles and list their “Services” that Sponsors can view. Sponsors can build their profiles and create “Projects” which they can select a Gamer to complete. When the Project is complete the Gamer is paid through our website using one of the most secure payment methods “PayPal”. Both the Gamer and Sponsor can rate each other after the completion of a Project, this provides a work history for both parties.

  • KhaosLevelUp 25

    I applied and I got accepted but it didn’t show on my dashboard and I was just wondering how would I know if I really did get accepted

    • http://powerup.tv/ Carey Martell

      You will receive an email :)

      • KhaosLevelUp 25

        Ok thank you :-)

      • FairTelevision

        ok you didnt answer me how long does it take to get accepted because i signed up and no one accepeted me so how long does it take?

  • MonsterGamingHD

    How do you decide who gets a sponsorship and is there a minimum amount of subscribers and views needed? Please reply ASAP

    • http://powerup.tv/ Carey Martell

      It is based on the plan people put together for demonstrating how the free games will help their channel grow while also adding value to the Power Up TV brand image.

      We’re in the process of revamping the gaming sponsorship via a very large sponsor. Please do apply with the knowledge everyone who applies will be reached out to regarding the sponsorship. This will happen in the next 30 days!

  • FairTelevision

    hey i signed up and i didnt get a an email saying iam accepted how long does it take?

  • Ahmed

    may u send me the link again plz because i didnt get it there was a error on my email
    its maddody3@yahoo.com
    and my channel are gentleman of gaming

  • Ahmed

    it is the same problem as KhaosLevelUp 25

  • Peter Kruger

    I was wondering how long will this take for me to recieve an email and do we still recieve an email if we don’t get accepted?

  • FairTelevision

    ok this just not good i left freedom and iam not with them its pass 30 days so iam been waiting to get accepted by powerup.tv and nothing no email nothing

  • Random

    Do you get an email if you have been denied, because I signed up a while ago and still have not received an email.

  • Iceman

    I don’t have paypal is there any exceptions

  • https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCpFcStFMjef8M5QmJ-Hul3g Sohaib Aboona

    Do You Have To Pay Anything??

    • http://powerup.tv/ Carey Martell

      Our gaming sponsorship does not require creators to pay anything.

  • Hero Didgy

    My name on the forum is Hero Didgy I just applied for it and I did not add the reason why the free games could help me, is there a way I can add it or something?

  • Lucas Lanzendorf

    What do you consider a small YouTube channel? What is the minimum number of subscribers?

  • JustABeatBoxer

    hope They Accept me <3 If not oh well, I'll gust Keep Beatboxing 😛

  • JustABeatBoxer

    I got accepted but it didn’t show anything on my dashboard, Can someone help me?

  • ZoP3 Killa

    Subscribe to ZoP3 Killa a

  • BolaneGaming

    I’m part of ThunderTV already and nobody has really contacted me, where should I start?

  • BolaneGaming

    I am currently part of the group, however I have nobody to talk to.

  • GrimmComin4u

    Can you do it with google plus and get the sponsorship

  • christian herrera

    true Derpy Lion

  • Robert Flake

    Well that was an interesting video haha! If anyone is looking for a free site though i just stumbled across this one: http://www.unitedgamers.online/

  • Alan charlesworth

    Do you pay us? like monthly? or weekly?

  • Callum

    how many subs do u need

  • CharmX

    I really hope I’ll get accepted.

  • Hacker Boy

    When I know I am collifie

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