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How to make your web series a success by hiring YouTubers

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How to make your web series a success by hiring YouTubers

The plan for your project is already set and you are preparing to launch the production phase for your web series, but you still need to cast your talent; naturally, your script demands actors who are able to fully become the characters and transmit the message of the story to the screen in a way that will captivate audiences.

Finding the right person for this job may be trickier than casting for a full feature movie, because web media has some peculiarities that other media types lack.

Believe it or not, the most suitable person to help you with your indie project is someone that is famous and has a great influence on media channels, like YouTube. The stars of YouTube channels are great for a web series, and here are the reasons why you should definitely take this casting option into consideration.

YouTubers Are Adaptable and Co-operative Team Mates

Great talent is meaningless if it cannot fit into the creative process as a whole.

A supremely talented actor or actress whose beautiful interpretation of your character delights your screen writer during script readings will not help your production run smoothly if this same person cannot bond with the rest of your production team.

When casting for a web series you need someone capable of both reaching the audience and playing well with the wide variety of personalities on the day of filming. Otherwise you might end up with a diva who refuses direction and involves themselves in petty drama that can completely derail the show’s production.

Unlike a classically trained actor, a YouTuber has had to perform all the roles needed for a production themselves; they write their own scripts, film their own videos and finally edit the videos. Because they have worn all the hats of production many times over they understand the important role that each crew member plays in the production and can appreciate that — finally — all they have to do is focus on the acting and not concern themselves with the framing of the shot or if the lighting is correct. Their vast experience and knowledge of the film-making process allows them to establish rapport with all members of the crew, even the production assistants.

The YouTuber may even know a few tricks of the trade they can teach you to reduce production costs or get a better shot, and these techniques were developed out of the necessity from producing zero-budget videos for years.

• YouTubers’ understanding of the social media environment is crucial

Part of the talent’s job in a web series is to help with the marketing; after all, what good is it to hire a lead actor and pay them a salary if their performance won’t help you market the show?

Modern marketing demands leveraging the power of online media, and for someone that has been working outside the digital space it can be quite hard to adjust to the new environment. The reality is a classically trained actor may not have a Twitter following to announce the release of the latest episodes and guarantee views.

YouTube celebrities are born in the online world. They are aware of the importance and impact such media channels can bring to the success of a web series, and based on their experience they will know how to best use the resources of the digital world to grow the show’s audience.

YouTubers have Self-motivation

In any online media platform if you are not self-motivated you will never reach the surface. Being able to make your own content starting from scratch has forced a YouTuber to have a powerful self-governing work ethic. This will also make them great team members while shooting because even after the cameras turn off, the YouTuber will continue to look for ways to make the show more successful.

• A YouTuber’s pre-built reputation can make a big difference

YouTubers have already passed through the initial phases of celebrity-ism; they might not have a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame yet but thousands of fans are paying close attention to whatever they do.

Besides the fact that the YouTuber will appear in your shootings (which will provide your web series with an immediate audience from the YouTuber’s existing fanbase), the YouTuber can also help with promoting your work to new media channels like blogs and news shows. The reputation of a YouTuber precedes them; it has long roots that can reach a much larger number of people than your show otherwise would. Your association with a YouTube star like this is extremely healthy for your own career as a director and/or producer.

YouTubers rarely refuse a good role

These people got where they are today because they truly love what they do. They enjoy expressing themselves and dressing up for the camera.  Any good story scenario will be really tempting for them and you can have the certitude that they will do the web series because they really like it and not because their agent told them they needed to take the role.

YouTubers build professional relationships that last

In spite of what many people might think, YouTube celebrities do not easily forget about the projects they have been involved with. Usually, actors will move on after the cameras are shut and the contract expires, but YouTubers have the tendency to repeatedly talk about the people they have worked with, if they are convinced that the professional connection with you will also help them out in the future.

The reasons to hire a YouTube icon, instead of everyday unknown actors, are multiple. You should consider all of these things when casting for your web series; hiring someone who is already on YouTube could make all the difference to the success of your show.

Remember, Power Up TV is a network of over 1,400 YouTubers (click here to see a list). If you’re looking for some great talent for your series, don’t be a stranger: contact us and we’ll put you into touch with some YouTubers who’d love to star in your series!

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