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Why You Should Join a YouTube Network

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Why a YouTuber Should Join a Multi-Channel Network

I need to apologize to you. This article should be titled, “Why you should join my network” but if I titled it that way, you may not have arrived here. But now that you are you might as well listen to what I have to say, right?

I cannot tell you why you should join other YouTube networks. If I honestly thought you should join a different MCN I wouldn’t have started Power Up TV at all. So instead I will tell you why you should join us.

Networks Specialize in Programming and Content Curation

You as a creator know that it’s important to have a good YouTube channel layout that makes it easy for audiences to discover your videos through your account.

You likely also know that you need need to do search engine optimization (SEO) on your video titles and description fields. But it’s not enough to merely have your videos uploaded to your YouTube account; you have to actively compete for attention against all other creators who are also using the website.

As an indie creator you do not have the resources a traditional TV show producer has; you are forced to divide the hours of your day between producing content, engaging with your audience and promoting your channel. Whether you join a network or not, this will always be true.

A network can help you scale your efforts by giving you access to resources you may not be able to get on your own, and assist in the promotion of your content so that more of your time can be spent on video production and audience engagement.

Almost all content creators on YouTube are looking for convenient options to enhance the visibility of their channels, and while there are plenty of methods to enhance your growth, joining a multi-channel network brings the employees and contractors of the network into the process of promoting you.

What is a YouTube multi-channel network?

Multi-channel networks have access to a high level of YouTube account management. We have the ability to manage multiple YouTube channels directly through our network accounts.

As MCNs we facilitate cross promotion between brands and YouTube Partners, manage the careers of our talent and can create additional revenue generation opportunities through merchandise sales and product placements. By leveraging our network’s total audience size we can open doors for smaller YouTube channel owners that would otherwise be closed.

We at Power Up TV can assist you with all of these services.

What can the Power Up TV multi-channel network do for you?

1. The primary role of a YouTube network is to help channel owners enhance their popularity.

When YouTube was a new website back in 2005 it was very easy to grow an audience; all you had to do was make interesting content and people would subscribe. But these days there are millions of channels within YouTube. In order to stand out multi-channel networks such as Power Up TV focus on driving viewers to channels through coordination between creators and through various websites / social media profiles the network has, in addition to our large mailing lists.

You also get access to the large community of channels in the network; at Power Up TV we have community forums, Skype groups and even in-game communities such as our Minecraft server and MMO guilds.

2. YouTube doesn’t provide tech support for small channels.

If you ever have problems with bugs on YouTube you will find it frustrating to find the answer on how to resolve it, or even report the bug to YouTube staff. That is why networks like us are so beneficial; we have direct email access to YouTube’s technical support team.

3. You get royalty free music and video templates

Professional video production is a very costly endeavor; you need film equipment, music, sound effects, visual effects composition software and so much more.

Power Up TV also provides a branding pack download that includes templates for your video thumbnails and call to action end-slate that when included at the end of your video will improve user engagement in the comments section and increase subscription rates.

4. You get world-class training in how to grow your channel into a business.

All of our YouTube Partners have free access to our Creator Academy course that is specially designed to show you how to go from zero to 10,000 engaged YouTube subscribers over a period of months.

The training modules are organized in such a way that you learn how to literally do anything you need to do, from selecting the right channel username to optimizing your videos for discovery, to what kinds of videos you should produce, and a crash course in video production just in case you haven’t been to film school.

5. You get sponsorships and free stuff

We have sponsorship opportunities with several companies that increase revenue for our Partners while also giving them free swag. Our offers are always changing so please check out the Rewards Page for our current lineup of sponsorships.

6. You can make 15% more money every month as a recruiter

All of our Partners have the ability to share a special “Recruit-a-friend” hyperlink that allows you to earn more revenue every month for each channel you convince to join our network. Please read the Recruiter information page for more details on this program.

Earnings from an actual Power Up TV Recruiter: 

This Power Up TV Partner is making extra money as a recruiter. Why aren’t you?

This Power Up TV Partner is making extra money as a recruiter. Why aren’t you?

Are there any risks when joining a MCN?

Joining the Power Up TV multi-channel network is not associated with any risks. You are paid promptly every month via Paypal and access to benefits you wouldn’t normally have in exchange for a small cut of your monthly channel earnings. There are no upfront costs or payment, and earnings are based entirely on your actual performance.

For some people, joining a multi-channel network can be a scary thing, as you will be presented with an in-depth legally binding contract that you must agree to. During this contract period, the revenue generated from your YouTube will go to our network. However, you don’t need to worry about anything if you join Power Up TV as we are a very reputable company who promptly delivers payments.

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