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Get a FREE Greenscreen + Light Kit! Partner Sponsorship!

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Did you know Power Up TV has its own giveaways for members in our network?

For the next year, every month we’re going to select one Power Up TV Partner to receive a free greenscreen and light kit. We’re calling this program the “Power Up TV Director Sponsorship“.

We're giving away a chromakey (greenscreen)  to Power Up TV Partners!

We’re giving away a chromakey (greenscreen) lighting kit to Power Up TV Partners!

Items included in this kit are:

  • 8ft Height 10ft Wide Backdrop Support System
  • 10 x 12 Chromakey Green Screen
  • 2x 105watt bulb (equal 800watt output) 2 x Ac Adapter
  • 2 x 33″ Shoot Through umbrealla 2 x 7ft Lightstand
  • Carrying case for backdrop stand included

To be eligible for this sponsorship you must meet the following criteria:

  1. You must be a current Power Up TV YouTube Partner.
  2. Your channel must be subscribed to the Power Up TV YouTube channel.
  3. You must follow our Facebook and Twitter profiles.
  4. You must be an active and helpful poster on the Power Up TV forums.
    • You must have made at least 30 posts as replies to other members.
    • Don’t just post asking people to look at your channel; be part of the community and talk to people. Consider writing a guide or posting about cool news related to being a YouTuber.
    • Include your YouTube channel link in your forum signature.
  5. You must have completed the Creator Academy Beginners Course and optimized your channel as per its directions (good video thumbnails, properly filled out video Titles and Descriptions, include your Power Up TV recruiter URL in video descriptions and channel link, etc).
  6. Create a Testimonial video telling people about the Power Up TV network and why they should join us. Include your Recruit a friend URL link in the video description for your Testimonial video. Send us the link to your video in the comments section of this post and we’ll add your Testimonial to a special Playlist on the Power Up TV YouTube channel.

There are NO requirements for how many subscribers your channel needs, or how many views your channel must have.

Becoming selected for this sponsorship is based entirely on how engaged you are with the Power Up TV community and how much effort you are putting into growing your channel by doing things like implementing the strategies from our Creator Academy.

Begging to be selected will not work; you MUST be engaged with the community to be chosen. Be a model example for other YouTubers to follow and we will recognize that effort.

We will choose one winner per month starting on September 1st.

Each month’s winner will be announced on our YouTube channel and featured in one of our blog posts, which will be posted to our Facebook, Twitter and mailing list.

Are you not a Power Up TV Partner? Click below to apply!


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About Carey Martell

Carey Martell is the CEO of Power Up TV! , a YouTube multi-channel network (MCN) serving over ten million video views every month through YouTube properties, and has over 1,000 Partner channels.
  • Jake’s Awesome Gaming
    • Carey Martell

      Great video Jake!

  • Derpy Lion

    I’ve put in as much effort as possible and tried to get every one to join!

  • Derpy Lion

    Look at my channel I’ve tried to promoted you :)

    • Carey Martell

      Great! Thanks for entering the contest and I hope you’ll continue implementing the strategies in our Creator Academy so you can grow with us :)

      • Derpy Lion

        No problem!

    • Jake’s Awesome Gaming

      i think that you have to create a testimonial video to properly enter the contest.

  • Jake’s Awesome Gaming

    Do we need to have 30 posts on the forums, if so i am eligible for the sponsorship! i cant wait to see who wins!

    • Carey Martell

      Yes, must have at least 30 posts minimum to qualify.

  • Troy Riner
    • Carey Martell

      Great! But your channel still needs a lot of work before it can be considered a “model channel”. Remember the purpose of the Creator Academy is to help you setup your channel for success so you can grow an audience.

      Currently your channel is not optimized;

      1. your username is different than your channel URL.

      2. You have not setup your channel front page;

      3. You do not have a custom banner, channel avatar or video thumbnails. Download the branding pack for a thumbnail template in .PSD which you can modify by replacing the background image, and other images.

      4. Your video descriptions and titles need to be SEOed. There is an entire page devoted to this topic in the Creator Academy.

      Doing these things are all part of the minimum requirements of eligibility for this sponsorship.

      • Troy Riner

        I cant fix the url thing but if i do the other thingswilli i count plus those things werent in the minimum requirements are you gonna add those rules or something to be honest i dont think its fair but if jakes awesome gaming wins first and then the month after that if nobody else but me is eligible will i not win it because my channel doesnt have a custom banner or something like that im confused

        • Carey Martell

          Troy please watch the video. Everything I said is part of the min. requirements.

          • Troy Riner

            I plan on doing more with my channel to grow it but i prefer to do it at my own speed and the way i want to do it so im just gonna not bother winning the green screen and light kit and just pay the 125 dollars on ebay for one

          • Troy Riner

            Sorry i am gonna try to do these things and if i dont win its fine

          • Troy Riner

            I did my channel page but i cant fix teh channel name being different from the url is that ok

          • Troy Riner

            Here is my new testimonial and btw ive tryed my best and I tryed doing the things you told me

  • Troy Riner

    Am i eligible for the sponsorship?

  • Bartosz needpvp

    I would like to take a part in this :) I think ive completed all the criterias (I’ll do video about network in 2 days) :))

    • Carey Martell

      Great, looking forward to it!

  • Destiny

    Should i START

  • Jay

    Has this network been shut down? I can’t apply anymore.

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