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Frequently Asked Questions About Power Up TV

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IF you have questions about our YouTube network, this page should answer the most common questions people ask.

Q. How do I apply to join?

A. Click here!

Q. Why should I join Power Up TV instead of another MCN?

A. Power Up TV is based in the largest independent movie studio in California, Thunder Studios. Our facility exceeds 150,000 square feet with 20 sound stages, and our back-lot covers an additional 60,000 square feet. To put this into perspective, the YouTube Space LA building is only 41,000 square feet.

Our stages have been traditionally used to shoot everything from major motion pictures to music videos. Because PUTV is now part of Thunder Studios our creators have access to the studio resources.

We have developed an accelerator program to provide training & funding for creators who meet certain minimum requirements. This accelerator is similar to a business development course for entrepreneurs but focused on producing television shows & films.

Additionally PUTV offers the same services the top MCNs provide – dashboard tools, tech support, brand sponsorship opportunities & collaboration forums. This includes features such as Fan Funding & rentals.

Q. How do I use the Partner Dashboard? How do I accept Partnership?

A. We have a video tutorial on this.

Q. How do I monetize my videos after I join Power Up TV?

A. Here’s a quick video tutorial on the subject.

Q. You haven’t accepted my application yet. Why not?

There are three primary reasons we don’t accept channels who apply:

  1. Copyright strikes / Terms of Service violations.
  2. Obvious copyright infringement.
  3. Your channel has Fan Funding enabled.

Go to to see if you have copyright strikes or ToS violations. If you do then you will need to make a new YouTube channel free of such issues.

If you have Fan Funding enabled, YouTube will not allow us to rollup your channel. Please disable Fan Funding by going to and clicking ‘Turn off Fan Funding’.

Please disable Fan Funding before applying to join Power Up TV.

Please disable Fan Funding before applying to join Power Up TV.

Q. Why did you leave the Freedom network?

A. Power Up TV launched in March 2014 as a subnetwork under Freedom. We were one of the first to join the network. By November 2014 PUTV grew to over 2,000 channels and 267 million views and was one of the largest networks within Freedom. Initially, the relationship between PUTV and Freedom was mutually beneficial but over time the relationship changed due to large differences of business strategy between our companies.

When PUTV was acquired by Thunder Studios we asked Freedom if they were interested in co-producing content with us. We offered Freedom Partners the opportunity to utilize our sound stages & equipment as part of the co-production deal. Freedom declined to accept the offer, stating they did not believe Freedom Partners would be interested in shooting at our studio.

PUTV elected to end our contractual arrangement with Freedom in January 2015 and separated itself as an independent MCN.

Q. I was a Partner with you under Freedom. How do I leave Freedom to join you now?

A. Please watch this video to see how to leave the Freedom network. Once your channel is released we can process your application after you apply through our Dashboard.

If you are still with Freedom and have already applied to re-join Power Up TV via our new Dashboard fear not; after you put in your 30 day notice to Freedom and are released from their CMS we will invite you to join us. You do not need to register a new account in our Dashboard.

Q. How much revenue share do you take? How long are your contracts?

A. PUTV has three tiers of Partnership; Basic, Pro and Star.

At the Basic level we take only a 20% commission on your channel’s monthly ad revenue, leaving you with 80% of the earnings. The contract has no lock-in period and can be canceled within 30 days.

At the Pro level, we take a 30% commission and you get 70% of the earnings. This contract lasts for a one year period. The Pro tier grants access to our production facilities, accelerator program and VIP events we host. You also receive personalized support from our Talent Strategists and gain brand sponsorship opportunities. More details about this tier to come.

The Star tier is available on an invitation only basis and requires a creator to successfully complete our accelerator program. At this tier we will/may invest up to $500,000 into an original film or television series pitched by the creator for a 50% ownership stake in the production. More details about this tier will be announced at a later date.

Q. What average CPM will my videos receive if I join your YouTube network?

A. We believe in total transparency with our creators. YouTube MCNs do not control ad revenue CPMs when YouTube places the ad on your video; Google’s ad system does. This system is explained in greater detail in the following article, YouTube Ad CPMs and Networks: The Truth.

You as the creator can control what your average CPM is by properly optimizing your videos for highly searched keywords. Learn about this process by reading, How to do SEO Keyword Research for YouTube Videos.

Q. I want to make more money from my videos. Can you help?

A. Yes. If your channel generates more than 50,000 views per month our Talent Strategists can help you obtain brand sponsor deals. We can also assist with helping you optimize your merchandising opportunities.

Q. Do you only accept gaming channels?

A. Historically we focused on gaming and geek lifestyles. However we now have the resources to focus on a wider range of niche markets. We now accept channels in all categories, and will be launching dedicated website verticals for gaming, comedy, music and sports.

Q. When I join your network, you take control of my Google AdSense account right?

A. NO. This is a huge misunderstanding among many YouTube creators. When you join a MCN your channel becomes associated with the AdSense account that belongs to that network. You still own & control your own AdSense account; your YouTube channel earnings just do not go into it while you are with a network.

This means joining our network will not interfere with any other monetization opportunities you are currently taking with Google Adsense (such as website banner ads) because we never have access to your Adsense account.

Q. How long will it take for me to receive payments?

A. We understand that some networks take up to three months to issue payments to Partners and this makes it challenging for creators to plan their budget.

Early when building our dashboard we made the decision to hire an experienced engineering team to write a highly advanced algorithm that can process our Partners’ payments. The system is able to process over 170,000 channel partners in under 12 hours. 

We will deliver payments to our creators via Paypal within the first week we receive the monthly payment deposit from Google.

Q. Can I become a Recruiter for your network & earn money for channels I recruit?

A. Absolutely! We have an affiliate program that pays a 15% commission. Please read this page for details.

Q. Can I become a subnetwork under Power Up TV? 

A. Yes! In order to qualify as a subnetwork you will be asked to complete a training program that ensures you have the necessary skill-sets to manage a subnetwork.

All subnetworks under the Power Up TV network will be guaranteed office space at Thunder Studios & have access to our resources for supporting the Partners you manage. If you’d like to apply to become a subnetwork please fill out this form.

Do you have any other questions? Feel free to ask in our forums or comment on this post below!

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About Carey Martell

Carey Martell is the CEO of Power Up TV! , a YouTube multi-channel network (MCN) serving over ten million video views every month through YouTube properties, and has over 1,000 Partner channels.
  • SabAnurag`

    Freedom! owes me some stuff and they are taking a long time. But right after that thing is done I will unlink from freedom! right away and I will be joining PUTV. This network just keeps getting better and better. :)

    • Carey Martell


  • shawn neirynck

    Freedom Pleas Sponser me !!

    • Carey Martell

      Sorry, but we are no longer affiliated with Freedom. Please read this page for the details.

  • Will

    How do I leave? I feel like I have a steady income now that I can be independant

    • Carey Martell

      You put in a request to unlink in the YouTube channel dashboard.

  • Pavěl Nárožný

    I have own content, I send request for join, but I wait 2 weeks for apply and still no reply about accept or not accept my channel, where I can contact support?

    • Carey Martell

      We’re processing applicants as fast as we can. Please be patient :)

    • FairTelevision

      same here

  • SwaggestPvP

    when will I know whether I was accepted or not?

    • Carey Martell

      Hi Swag, we generally send emails within the first 24 hours of applying. If you hear nothing back, it’s usually because you are already in another network.

  • FairTelevision

    i signed up but no one accepted me how long does this take because it seems like iam being ignored and you all dont want me to join how long does it take with my FairTelevisionGaming?

  • FairTelevision

    i left freedom its been passed 30 days and iam still not accepted or got an email from you guys

  • FairTelevision

    i left freedom its been passed 30 days and iam still not accepted or got an email from you guys

  • TL

    So basically cancel Freedom contract wait until it ends and then join Power Up? At 80 percent it seems worth it and no other network is offering that to new channels. Even Youtube takes 55 percent. I checked my numbers and Freedom did me no wrong with 60 percent giving me. Which is 5 percent more then Youtube. And with no lock in contract this company seems worth it.

    • Carey Martell

      Glad to hear you feel that way :)

    • Zautos Gaming

      the 55% 45% split that youtube takes is still there even if you have an MCN. The cut that is 80/20 is on your 55% so you would get 44% of the total youtube would get 45% and the mcn would get 11% of the total.

  • Kuntal Das

    hi i want to join your network

    i want to know 2 questions many channels may i add to the dashboard?

    2.can i get payment for terminated channels?

    • Carey Martell

      You can add only 1 channel to one ThunderTV/PowerUpTV dashboard account. You’ll need to make a 2nd account to apply with additional YouTube accounts.

      As for terminated channels; no, if a channel is terminated by Google no payment will be given for that payment cycle so there will be no money to pay you.

  • McGillicuty Gaming

    When I went on to your site, for the partners, it says they will receive distribution. What exactly do you do to distribute creators content?

    • Carey Martell

      We used to operate a website that automatically published creators’ videos and would auto post them to social media profiles, however the script never worked really well. That was the original version of which has now been redesigned as a statistics tool. We have a new tool we are working on that will be more effective at distributing YouTube videos but I can’t give you a specific time. At the moment we share selective videos on social media.

  • Sonar PvP

    Please disconnect me I really want to leave but theres no way how!

    • Carey Martell

      You can request to leave via your YouTube dashboard. Request to unlink and it will be processed in 30 days.

  • A Reactor Called Quest

    Hey I just partnered with you guys at power up TV!!! Which is very exciting, I saw your guy’s videos and I loved what I saw so I hope we have a great relationship and you guys can help grow my channel so I can visit your YouTube space someday :)

  • Television Show

    I saw on this post ( ) they said they will deliver payments to our creators via Paypal within the first 30 days we receive the monthly payment deposit from Google. But on this pay that is the first week.
    What is right information and how about the payment threshold?
    When do they recieve the monthly payment from Google? at the end of each month, right? :)

  • Jona

    I have read all the info but can’t seem to find what is the cost or upfront cost per month for membership or to join?

    • Paolo Giacometti

      Hi, I’m already part of the network, just send an email, I could help. :)

  • surajit

    Hi I would like to Unlink my channel from your network Thunder TV..
    My Channel –

  • surajit

    Hi I would like to Unlink my channel from your network Thunder TV..
    My Channel –

  • Salty Chef Gaming

    Hello there!
    I am still in the process of creating and conceptualizing my channel, Is there a minimum requirement of content and views to join your network, also do you handle any issues that may arise in terms of gaming videos being flagged for copyright issues, I know many MCN’s take care of that for the bigger channels like Game Grumps and the like. Thank you!

  • Paolo Giacometti

    Hello, my channel has been unlinked and all my earnings disappeared, I really need to talk with you, seriously, please answer.

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