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How to stop trolling attacks on your YouTube videos

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Trolling from immature commentors has been a big source of frustration for many YouTubers. Some people often feel helpless about their ability to stop trolls from using multiple accounts to upvote nasty videos comments to make those comments the “Featured Comment”.

These kind of attacks often hurt the feelings of the creator who has poured a lot of time and energy into producing their videos, and can discourage them when they have to constantly see the top rated comment for their video is a nasty troll remark.

Well good news YouTubers! Your account has some features to reduce the ability for a troll to launch these kinds of attacks.

Go to and you’ll be presented with several fields that allow you to approve commentors, ban commentors and set parameters for the featured comment section of your videos.

What you want to do is uncheck the “Popular comments” section under “Set up highlights” while also checking the boxes for the other parameters. This will make it so the trolls who use multiple dummy accounts to upvote their own comments cannot get their comments featured anymore.

The “Featured comment” slot will instead go to fans who are engaged on all your videos and actively watch your show, or channels that have large subscriber bases themselves.


Once you implement these changes, you will find that trolls are less inclined to spend time harassing your videos as their efforts have less impact.


As always you should also not “feed the trolls”, that is don’t respond to their comments. Focus instead on responding to the people who post constructive comments on your videos and engage with them, as you need to cultivate relationships with users in order to build loyal subscribers.

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  • Ekaterina Khramova

    there r to many trolls out there and I never have done anything to them they r trying to ruin my confidence and ruin my self esteem some one needs to pay them back they get confidence out of me and I don’t they deleted all my social media accounts they r going to go to jail for their shit fuck u troll’s I hope u all get karma for ur shit I bet the trolls will get arrested and some one hacks their ass eventually none stop mentally harassing me and call me on the phone ass whole’s. they the once really need mental help they live in their mama’s basement i hope she arrest’s them for it damn trolls I hope youtube see’s that and fucking arrest’s them for everything karma is a bitch.

    • Baltimore

      Hey ekaterina I just recently found your chat page on a forum. I can say that your comments are quite delicious you have a good sense of humour. I’m sorry for you and I hope that you’ll have better days my lady. Big respects an user ^^

  • Golfer Lin

    When I a troll engages me, I just troll the shit out of that person until he gives up. I don’t curse, use foul words, I have my ways of making him/her feel really bad, first use facts, then belittle him about his intelligence, picking on his words of choices, and very likely he will then go nuts. When he goes nut I intensify my attacks.
    You know, most trolls aren’t really intelligent. They are not happy, they have no life, social media bullying other people is probably one of their only hobby. But they can be easily countered, humiliate them, make them appear hularious. it could take more than 10-30 or more back and forth but it’s really worth it.

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