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MysteryGuitarMan Filmed ‘Music Through The Ages’ at Our Studio!

Joe Penna, a.k.a. MysteryGuitarMan filmed his latest music video Music Through The Ages at Thunder Studios, the home of Power Up TV. We asked Joe to talk a little about his experience filming at one of our stages and he […]


Video Robo Has Been Reborn! Statistics, earnings and video data about YouTube channels.

Video Robo, originally a site we created to auto-embed YouTube videos and categorize them for viewing, never really worked the way it should have. So we have totally re-designed it from the ground up to be something useful to you! […]


Frequently Asked Questions About Power Up TV

IF you have questions about our YouTube network, this page should answer the most common questions people ask. Q. How do I apply to join? A. Click here! Q. Why should I join Power Up TV instead of another MCN? […]


Power Up TV Has Been Acquired! Relaunching in April!

To all of our creators, a belated Happy New Year and Welcome to a New Power Up TV! I launched Power Up TV last March (almost one year ago!), and we have grown to over 2,000 channels that have served […]


Would you join a YouTube Creator Accelerator Program?

One of the ideas we are kicking around at Power Up TV is developing a personal development program for YouTube creators who want to become professionals working in the film and TV business — a YouTube Creator Accelerator, if you […]


How to build a community around a YouTube channel

This article will be part of the Expert level course of our Creator Academy. “If you build it they will come” is a lovely sentiment but not realistic. The fact of the matter is you must take action to make […]


YouTube’s New Monetization Suspension Policy

YouTube periodically updates their policies for terms of use violations and how they impact users’ channels. One of these changes has become effective today. YouTube will now begin suspending monetization for channels that have been found to possess multiple infractions for […]


Ask Carey! How to record games without getting a YouTube copyright strike.

Ask Carey! is a column where Power Up TV founder Carey Martell answers your questions about topics related to YouTube and internet video. Dog51848RS writes: I’ve had a question for a while. I’ve really wanted to do JonTron type videos lately […]


Power Up TV Becomes YouTube Certified!

As mentioned at my personal blog, tonight I completed YouTube Audience Growth Certification, which is only possible after completing an exam created by YouTube staff that tests for knowledge on how to build audiences for YouTube channels. You can see my […]


How to do SEO Keyword Research for YouTube Videos

How to find keywords for YouTube video SEOing YouTube is a huge source for traffic; it has over 1 billion unique visitors per month and is the second largest search engine in the world. It is possible to get millions […]