Author: Carey Martell


How to do SEO Keyword Research for YouTube Videos

How to find keywords for YouTube video SEOing YouTube is a huge source for traffic; it has over 1 billion unique visitors per month and is the second largest search engine in the world. It is possible to get millions […]


How to get YouTube video traffic from StumbleUpon

How to get video traffic from StumbleUpon Having a YouTube channel is nothing much if you do not have the proper traffic for it. You probably did not create your videos just for you to watch. In order to get views to your […]


Director Sponsorship Winner DerpyLion Shows Off His Greenscreen!

One of our monthly Director Sponsorship winners, DerpyLion created a video showing off the new greenscreen kit we shipped to him! We should also mention DerpyLion is the first recipient of the brand new gaming sponsorship program we launched this […]


Introducing Video Robo!

I’m very excited to announce a new website has joined the Martell Broadcasting Systems, Inc. family — . Although it still needs a few fine tuning, it is ready to go, and I want to talk a little about why I’m […]


YouTube Partnership Guide

YouTube Partnership Guide What if you had the opportunity to transform all the talent you put into a YouTube video into money? Yes, it is possible to turn the content you have on your YouTube channel into extra income, by […]


Introducing Power Up Points! Get Rewarded For Being Active On Our Forums!

As a new way to reward our YouTube Partners who engage with our community we have implemented a special add-on to the Power Up TV forums that will give your profile ‘Power Points‘ for certain activities. In order to earn […]


Sponsorship for Small YouTube Gaming Channels

This sponsorship is for any gaming channel currently partnered with the Power Up TV YouTube Network. It is a compliment to the Freedom! monthly contest for gaming gear. If you are selected for this sponsorship you will receive ONE of the […]


How to make your web series a success by hiring YouTubers

How to make your web series a success by hiring YouTubers The plan for your project is already set and you are preparing to launch the production phase for your web series, but you still need to cast your talent; […]


Why You Should Join a YouTube Network

Why a YouTuber Should Join a Multi-Channel Network I need to apologize to you. This article should be titled, “Why you should join my network” but if I titled it that way, you may not have arrived here. But now […]


How to stop trolling attacks on your YouTube videos

Trolling from immature commentors has been a big source of frustration for many YouTubers. Some people often feel helpless about their ability to stop trolls from using multiple accounts to upvote nasty videos comments to make those comments the “Featured […]